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Look healthier and younger with Implants

implantsA dental implant is an artificial root which is used to replace a lost or irreparably damaged tooth. The dental implants Chino Hills dentist Dr. Changela uses for treatment are the preferred treatment for complete and permanent replacement of teeth. Also, the process of placing dental implants has become a fairly straightforward procedure, best performed by the highly trained staff at Dental Care of Chino Hills.

Smile with confidence

Chino Hills dental implants are biocompatible foundations which are surgically inserted into the jaw bone, forming a new “root” upon which a permanent crown is firmly affixed. They are aesthetically indistinguishable from your natural teeth, resulting in a seamless restoration of your original smile.  These new teeth have superb longevity, and will feel, look, and function just like the original tooth.

Benefit from modern dental technology

The latest advancements in technology and treatment procedures have enabled your dentist to utilize dental implants as a routine option for restorative cosmetic dentistry, with an excellent track record for patients.  Bridges, implants, and implant-supported crowns, as well as removable dentures, are some of the options your dentist may recommend to restore or replace your damaged teeth and brighten your smile.

The incredible benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Prevention of disjointed teeth & preservation of facial composition
  • Speak and laugh with confidence
  • Restore damaged teeth without negatively affecting the surrounding teeth
  • Superior strength enables you to enjoy your favorite foods & beverages
  • Youthful, vibrant smile
  • Minimal maintenance, much like natural teeth
  • Superior degree of permanence compared to removable dentures


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DR. BHAVIN CHANGELA IS AWESOME! I had 2 dental implants done by him in 2010. HE CHANGED MY LIFE. He is warm, friendly, and he does the job EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. Take it from a girl who was DRILLED THROUGH HER GUMS… twice: the pain was soothed by the doctor and how GREAT HE IS. Everyone comments on how my dental implants are perfect and look so real! Thank you! The office is clean and the girls are all friendly, especially DEBBIE. (I would know… I would go like once a month, during my long procedure.) Joyce Y.

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