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Take proper care of your gums

periodontal treatment chino hills

Periodontal disease treatment is the ideal procedure for gum disease caused by bacterial infection deep in the gum tissue. Regular brushing and flossing may not always completely remove the plaque above the gumline.  The bacterial growth present in plaque, over time, can infect the gum tissue, causing extensive decay, and ultimately leading to complete tooth loss.

Avoid infection and keep your smiles healthy

Gingivitis is an early and mild form of periodontal disease.  If left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis; a serious, permanent, and incurable stage of gum disease.  If your gums show symptoms of excessive bleeding or persistent swelling in your gums, you should visit your dentist promptly.  These could be initial signs of gum disease, and if treated early enough, can be completely reversible.  At Dental Care of Chino Hills, our dentists are highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases, using the latest developments in dental technology.

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