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wisdom tooth extraction

Painless extraction from a professional

Wisdom tooth extraction is an effective procedure to treat and remove an impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to erupt in your mouth and are also called third molars.

Most patients have four wisdom teeth and these usually appear between the 17 – 25 ages. If a wisdom tooth doesn’t have any space to grow, it will cause you pain and headaches and may affect your daily activities. Infection may also result from impaction and will give you toothaches.

If you are having these symptoms of pain, headaches, and toothaches have your wisdom tooth looked at by a trusted dentist in Chino Hills. A wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary for you to get relief and bring back the confidence in your smiles. For a painless extraction, call us today at 909-606-9907.

Get fast and effective relief from painwisdom tooth extraction

When wisdom teeth grow in an improper way it can cause many problems like gum disease, bone destroying cysts, crowding or other damage to adjacent teeth. The common symptoms of this problem are pain and swelling.

If you feel these kinds of symptoms because of your wisdom teeth, you should visit your dentist to have it diagnosed and extracted immediately.

Had my wisdom teeth removed here, about as painless as can be expected. i also go here for regular cleanings, staff is always friendly and professional. Justin Raz

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