5 Tips for Dental Bonding Aftercare

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dental procedure. It is a safe, effective, and smooth treatment that can improve the look of your smile. Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored material to improve the shape, appearance, and function of your tooth. It can be used to address a variety of imperfections, including chips, cracks, discoloration, and even fill in gaps in your teeth. It can also be used to strengthen your tooth if it has been impacted by decay. Aftercare is essential when it comes to preserving your dental bonding. Consider the following 5 tips for dental bonding aftercare.

5 Tips for Dental Bonding Aftercare

Caring for dental bonding can improve your oral health and preserve your dental bonding for the long run. If properly cared for, it can last over a decade. Below you will find helpful tips that can help you achieve this.

Proper Oral Care Routine:

Caring for your oral health can help preserve the materials used in your dental bonding. This includes brushing at least twice a day for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use toothpaste with fluoride to help prevent decay and brush in circular motions for optimal cleaning. In addition to brushing, floss at least once a day. This can remove leftover food debris and harmful bacteria that can lead to decay. In addition to your daily oral care routine, optimal oral health depends on regular dental visits. Schedule regular checkups at least every 6 months.

Staying Hydrated:

Hydration can be beneficial for your overall health and your oral health. Try to drink water after every meal, especially if you cannot brush. This can help flush out leftover food and harmful bacteria. Keeping your mouth clean can help reduce the acidity levels in your mouth which is beneficial for your oral health.

Avoid Certain Foods:

Avoid teeth-staining foods with dental bonding. Things like coffee, tea, candy, processed foods, candy, red wine, and anything with artificial coloring should be avoided. If you cannot avoid these foods and drinks, consume them in moderation. When you do consume them, rinse your mouth out with water right after and brush your teeth thirty minutes later. The waiting period is necessary as brushing your teeth right after you eat can unnecessarily wear down your enamel.

No Smoking:

Smoking is bad for your oral health and your overall health. Avoid smoking at all costs and quit if you currently smoke. Smoking can impact the materials used in dental bonding treatments and impact their longevity.

Avoid Certain Habits:

Certain habits can wear down your dental bonding. Things like biting your nails, biting down on hard objects, and eating hard foods can unnecessarily wear down your dental bonding. Use caution and common sense if you have dental bonding to ensure they last.

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Dental bonding is a relatively quick and pain-free procedure. In fact, it can be completed in just one dental visit. You can leave the Chino Hills dental office the very same day and get back to your daily routine, including eating. As with many dental treatments, aftercare is key when it comes to preserving dental bonding. Much of it is common sense or habits that should already be a part of your daily life. This is beneficial as there isn’t a lot of upkeep when it comes to preserving your dental bonding treatment.

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, consider dental bonding. The team at Dental Care of Chino Hills are skilled in cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. They have helped countless patients achieve their desired smile and optimal oral health. Contact their office today to schedule an appointment!