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Many patients are surprised that a dentist can be a source for treatment for sleep apnea. Modern dental care is about more than just keeping one’s teeth healthy; it takes a more comprehensive approach to our well-being, including airway health. Dental Care of Chino Hills is proud to offer our patients solutions for sleep apnea to help them breathe better, stop snoring, and sleep healthier.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a relatively common but potentially dangerous sleep disorder. Its main feature is the repeated stopping and starting of breathing while asleep. In some cases, this may present mildly, with only intermittent snoring. However, the spectrum of severity can cover anything from fatigue (even after a full night’s rest) to waking up gasping for air at night. One common misconception is that all snoring is related to sleep apnea. While the two are related, snoring does not necessarily mean you have this condition, though it is worth seeing a specialist to find out for sure.

How Does a Dentist Treat Sleep Apnea?

Several treatment options for sleep apnea exist, and the important factor is matching you with the right one. Treating sleep apnea can be an important life choice, with successful treatment leading to improved sleep, decreased snoring, and overall improvements in symptoms.

Dentists are often an excellent option for treating mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea through the use of dental appliances. One of the best options is called an oral mandibular advancement device (MAD). This sleep apnea device works by opening the airway during sleep, improving sleep apnea in the majority of patients who use it.

These devices are custom-made and far more convenient than options like a CPAP machine. While the right treatment course can vary with each patient, an MAD can prove highly effective without sacrificing patient comfort. You can easily take it with you during travel, ensuring you continue to see improved sleep apnea symptoms wherever you are.

Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea

  • Improved alertness and energy during the day
  • Reduction in snoring
  • Health improvements (decreased risk of diabetes, stroke, heart conditions, cancer, and more)
  • Reduction in headaches and similar symptom
  • Better mood

Is a Mandibular Advancement Device Right for Me?

Working with a dentist is the best way to find out if a mandibular advancement device will prove right for you. Dentists have extensive knowledge of the mouth’s structures, including the upper throat and airway. One of the key factors in having success with an MAD is to use the right type, shape, and size device for your situation. A dentist can match you with an MAD that will best suit your mouth and provide the greatest amount of airway improvement.

The first step is to set up an appointment with a dentist for a consultation. Our dentist Chino Hills will conduct a thorough exam to provide a diagnosis of sleep apnea, and then you can begin exploring your treatment options. If you have mild to moderate symptoms, then a dental device (such as a MAD) may be the right choice. If an MAD is the solution, we will have one custom-made by our dental lab. Your device should arrive within a week or two, and then you can start using it immediately.

Sleep Apnea Treatment FAQs

Will treating sleep apnea stop my snoring?

Snoring is one of the key symptoms of sleep apnea, so treating it should show significant improvements in the volume and regularity of snoring. As time passes, your treatment may continue to improve, strengthening your airways to relieve the need to snore while asleep.

Will sleep apnea treatment improve insomnia?

While insomnia is not directly a cause or effect of sleep apnea, they can be related. However, sleep apnea can lead to problems with sleeping, so receiving treatment can improve the quality of one’s sleep. Patients tend to find they wake up feeling more refreshed, and they no longer wake up at night due to cessation of breathing from sleep apnea.

How long until I see improvements?

Most patients will see improvements from the first time they use their mandibular advancement device for sleep apnea. Over time, you may see continued improvements as your airways become stronger.

Does an MAD cure sleep apnea?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for sleep apnea. However, managing symptoms can help many patients live essentially symptom-free lives. In addition to treatment, improving certain lifestyle or health factors can further reduce symptoms.

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Sleep apnea and many of its related effects (snoring, insomnia, fatigue) can continue to have a negative impact on one’s life until treated. We encourage you to book your appointment with us today to see if our sleep apnea treatment in Chino Hills may be right for you. You can schedule your visit by phone or through using our online form.


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