Fluoride Treatment

Effective in preventing tooth decay

Fluoride treatment is the most effective method of preventing tooth decay and can be administered to children and adult patients. It can be applied to the teeth in various formulations such as a varnish, foam, or gels.

First, the foam formula is applied onto a mouthguard and allowed to set the teeth for a brief period of time, normally less than 5 minutes. The gel formula has a similar procedure to that of foam, which is also applied via a tray or mouth guard. Then, it can be placed in the mouth for a few minutes.  Lastly, the varnish application is very similar to a painted-on technique.

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How fluoride treatment protects your kid’s teeth

A complete fluoride treatment is essential for children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 years. It is also highly beneficial for adults as well. Dental research indicates that fluoride can be applied directly to the teeth through mouth rinses, toothpaste, and professional dental care. In addition, it plays an important role in inhibiting the initial stages of tooth decay while also reinforcing your teeth enamel.

For these reasons, our friendly Dental Care staff highly encourage our patients to opt for fluoride treatment. Additionally, an increased risk of tooth decay is possible for patients with particular health conditions. Therefore, patients may especially benefit from the comprehensive fluoride treatment provided at Dental Care of Chino Hills.

Fluoride is recommended for the following conditions:

  • Excessively dry mouth: Dry mouth caused by diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome, head and neck radiation treatment and/or chemotherapy. Also, certain medications (allergy medications, hypertension drugs, antihistamines, anxiety drugs, etc.), are all potential risk factors for tooth decay.  An inadequate supply of saliva in the mouth leaves food particles in place to attack teeth. Also, creates a highly acidic environment in the mouth.
  • History of frequent cavities: If you get cavities on an annual or biennial basis, fluoride treatments may help.
  • Gum disease: Frequently called gingivitis, gum disease may expose the hidden portions of your teeth below the gumline, thus greatly increasing the chance of tooth decay.
  • The presence of crowns and/or bridges or braces: Sometimes dental fixtures can increase the risk for decay where the crown joins the underlying natural tooth structure or in the small spaces and gaps around the brackets of orthodontic appliances.

If you find yourself in one of the above categories, you should ask your Dental Care of Chino Hills dentist about your fluoride treatment options. Call us today at 909-310-2051  to schedule an appointment.


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