Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant-Supported Overdentures in Chino Hills

Tooth replacement has become more advanced than ever before. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or entire rows, there are procedures that can provide natural-looking results. One of the best current ways to replace multiple teeth is through implant-supported overdentures. This option combines the power and stability of dental implants with the convenience of dentures.

Why Might I Need Dentures?

Tooth loss can happen for a range of reasons. From injury to decay to genetics, thousands of people may find themselves facing significant tooth loss. Fortunately, replacement options are more accessible than ever. Tooth decay no longer needs to mean a permanent loss of teeth and an incomplete smile for years to come.

Dentures are the best solution for patients who have had severe tooth loss. However, traditional dentures come with a range of setbacks. Not only can they make eating more difficult, but they can also fall out and become dislodged regularly. Beyond this, they can even wear down your jawbone.

That is why Dental Care of Chino Hills is pleased to offer a solution that combines the benefits of two powerful options. Convenience and durability have been fused into a single replacement option: implant-supported overdentures.

What Are Implant-Supported Overdentures?

Usually, we use dental implants to support individual replacements for teeth called crowns. However, a dental implant’s use comes from its stability. So implant-supported overdentures are a way to replace teeth if you are missing entire rows by using implants for a base. But how does that work?

Instead of using an implant to replace a single tooth, we use a series of implants (usually about four) to provide an anchor. This set of implants can then be used to support specially made dentures. You can still remove the dentures, but they will be far more stable while in use. No more worrying about all the negatives that come with traditional dentures.

Your smile will be complete. And you do not need to worry about it falling out. With as few as two dental implants, you can restore your smile with a high level of functional and cosmetic benefits.

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How Do They Work?

The titanium implant posts work as points to anchor your dentures securely in position. Unlike your natural teeth, the implants themselves are not vulnerable to cavities or decay. However, they still require proper care to get the most out of them, ensuring they serve as a permanent solution. By sitting between your gums and dentures, implants also ensure you do not suffer wear on your gums the way traditional dentures would.

This added stability makes everyday tasks as simple as if you had all your natural teeth. Eating? Easy and simple. Speaking? No worries about dentures impeding your speech. And smiling? As bright as ever.

The number and positioning of your implants can vary, depending on your unique needs. While many patients may need only two implants, others might need four to provide the needed security. As part of your initial examination, we can let you know what you might need to achieve optimal results.

The Procedure

Getting the implants themselves is quite straightforward. In many cases, it can be completed in a single day. However, if you do not have enough jawbone material, you may first need a bone grafting procedure, which is also easy. Generally, you will need only local anesthesia, so you can even drive yourself home from the procedure.

The duration of your procedure can vary depending on the number of implants you need. However, it generally takes between 1-3 hours. Then your body naturally begins to fuse the implant to the jawbone to provide an incredibly stable support.

Recovery Time

Your recovery should be fast and easy. While there will be some discomfort around the implant after your treatment, this is easily managed with medication. However, the total time for you to heal can last about six weeks. We want to ensure the implant is fully fused so it can properly hold your dentures. But during this time, you can have a set of temporary dentures so you can still eat while recovering.

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There is no longer any need to live without a full set of teeth. Whether injury or tooth decay has hurt your smile, implant-supported overdentures are an excellent solution.

Don’t hesitate to take the first step in restoring your smile and ensuring it stays bright for years to come. Schedule an appointment at Dental Care of Chino Hills today. We work with each patient attentively to match a treatment plan according to their needs and unique goals. If you have any questions, our team of professionals is ready to help. Call us today or book an appointment online.


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