What Color Should My Gums Be?

While a lot of information about oral health revolves around your teeth, your gums are a huge factor in your dental health as well. You may wonder what color should your gums should actually be, and whether or not your oral health care routine is addressing the health of your gums. Healthy gums should look a pinkish color and be firm. This is likely a good sign that your oral care routine is working. However, if your gums are anything other than pink in color and firm, it’s time to consult with a dental professional.

What Color Should My Gums Be?

Unhealthy gums can appear in a variety of ways. A common issue with unhealthy gums is that they may appear to be pale in color. It’s important to note that while healthy gums are often a pink color, there can be some pale color around your teeth and that’s perfectly normal. Now the pink color can vary depending on your race or ethnicity as certain gums will be darker or lighter than others. If you notice that your gums are lighter than usual (whether or not they were naturally pink before), then your oral health may need to be addressed with a dental professional. Pale gums may also be a sign of other medical issues, such as anemia, leukoplakia, or menopause. 

In addition to pale gums, gums that are red and swollen can also be a sign of dental issues. Most often these types of issues on your gums are related to gum disease. Gum disease is also referred to as periodontitis and is caused by gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of your gums most often caused by a bacterial infection. When gingivitis is left untreated it can turn into gum disease. This is a major cause of tooth loss and requires treatment as soon as possible. 

When to Contact A Dental Professional

If you have noticed a change in your gums, it’s important to get to a dental professional. However, if you experience pale, red, or swollen gums in conjunction with any of the following, get to the dentist as soon as you can.

Treatment for Gum Issues

If a dental professional determines that you have gum disease, it will require treatment beyond a regular routine cleaning. Periodontics in Chino Hills can help treat your gum disease and get you well on your way back to a healthy smile. However, depending on the severity of your gum disease you may need a deep cleaning, antibiotics, or possibly surgery. 

In the case of deep cleaning, your dentist may prescribe scaling, root planing, or lasers. Scaling removes tartar from above and below your gum line. Root planing smooths out rough spots and removes plaque and tartar from the root surface. Lasers also remove tartar from your teeth, but this treatment option is often less painful than the other two. 

Because gum disease is a major reason for tooth loss, early treatment is vital to ensure the best possible outcome. After treatment it is crucial to maintain a consistent oral care routine. Talk with a dentist about what is right for you. 

Chino Hills Dentist

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