Dental X-Rays While Pregnant – Is it Safe?

Any person who has gone to the dentist for a basic checkup and cleaning knows the dental x-ray routine. You are typically brought to a small room with an x-ray camera, and your dentist takes pictures of your skull and teeth for a few moments. This tiny amount of radiation is harmless and has no negative effects on the patient. But what about dental x-rays while pregnant?

At Dental Care of Chino Hills, our specialists typically warn against the use of x-rays while a patient is pregnant. However, there are no scientific studies that show a fetus or embryo being harmed by the small amount of radiation received during dental x-rays. Below, we’ve listed a few of our guidelines for dental x-rays while pregnant.

Real Safety Facts

Realistically, it is safe to undergo dental x-rays while pregnant. According to the American Dental Association, dental x-rays while pregnant are safe as long as the proper procedures are followed. Dental assistants may place a shield-like vest around your chest, stomach, and reproductive organs to protect from radiation penetration. Due to this precaution, it is generally regarded as safe to have this very small amount of radiation over a short period of time.

In fact, the American Pregnancy Association also supports this fact. They state that pregnant patients may undergo dental x-rays if there is a need for it.

Precautions for Dental X-Rays While Pregnant

The first three months of pregnancy are the most active in terms of the development of the fetus. Due to this reason, many expectant mothers may choose to postpone dental x-rays until after this sensitive time has passed. Most medical professionals will recommend that any dental work should at least be postponed until the second trimester. There is presumably less risk to the baby. By the third trimester, it may be difficult for the patient to lie on their back for a long period of time. This is why the second trimester is perfect for having simple procedures or cleanings.

In the case of emergency dental work, this can and should be done as soon as possible. There are no studied risks or damages to the developing embryo during the first trimester if the patient needs emergency dental work done. This includes treatments such as a root canal or crowns.

Cosmetic dental procedures, such as tooth whitening or veneers, are better off postponed until after the patient has given birth.

Our Recommendation

At Dental Care of Chino Hills, we recommend that you receive your dental x-rays as soon as you need to. If the nature of the dental procedure cannot wait until after pregnancy, or even until the second trimester, it is safe and reasonable to have the x-rays done earlier.

Our most common solution is to have patients wait until after birth to receive x-rays. Only if they are not in an emergency situation. We have an even bigger convenience to offer with our new and advanced digital dental x-rays, which can analyze your bone structure down to the microscopic level, all while offering a safer x-ray practice altogether. Our aim is to give you healthy teeth and gums for life.

Dental X-Rays in Chino Hills

If you are pregnant and in need of some long-overdue dental work, reach out to us today. X-rays are deemed safe in small amounts, even to patients who are in their first trimester of pregnancy. Plus, our digital x-ray solutions make it even easier to get a safe and quick x-ray with more detail than ever before.

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