Digital X-Rays

Advanced Dental Technology for Quality and Safety

Digital x-rays at Dental Care of Chino Hills are taken according to numerous guidelines. Digital dental x-rays are one of the latest technologies available, enabling us to analyze microscopic problems invisible to the natural eye. Your trusted dentists in Chino Hills employ this amazing technology in order to make your dental examinations safer and more convenient.

These sophisticated tools & procedures enable your dentist to identify potential problems proactively, and provide them better diagnostic information. It also gives the dentist the ability to offer a more comprehensive assessment of your dental issue.

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Digital dental x-rays play a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating dental issues.  Compared to traditional s-ray methods, these are more convenient and amenable to your comfort.  Digital x-rays expose even the most minute and obscure areas of decay among teeth.

Through this advanced Digital Imaging Technology, each image is captured electronically, diminishing the negative impact on the environment in the process!  Digital radiographs can be accessed on a computer screen, and thus readily transferred to other dentists or insurance companies upon request.

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Dr. Changela is an excellent dentist. He explained very detail before any treatments. I have a lot of dental work done. He will not do unnecessary work just to get pay. The office is very clean, the wait time is very minimal. My husband and I have seen Dr. Changela for over 4 years, and we are very happy with him.

Tina Nordin