Sedation Dentistry

Get Treated Without The Anxiety

Sedation dentistry may be used by a professionally certified dentist to alleviate stress upon the patient during dental surgery.  It enables many patients to overcome their anxiety about certain procedures, and minimizes or eliminates the pain which may be experienced.  It provides a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for many people who would otherwise delay dental treatment.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Greater comfort, less pain
  • Reduced fear & anxiety about dental surgery
  • Shorter appointment time, as the patient is calm during the procedure

If you are considering whether you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry, contact us for a consult. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns. Dr. Changela’s Dental Care of Chino Hills is dedicated to providing gentle, caring, and quality dental treatment for all of our patients.

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Who is a candidate for Sedation Dentistry?


  • Negative past experiences
  • A strong gag reflex
  • A low threshold of pain
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Complicated dental issues
  • Limited time available for dental care


  • Preferring to avoid experiencing a dental surgery procedure
  • Feeling embarrassed
  • Feeling anxious
  • Having difficulty relaxing


Dr. Changela is an excellent dentist. He explained very detail before any treatments. I have a lot of dental work done. He will not do unnecessary work just to get pay. The office is very clean, the wait time is very minimal. My husband and I have seen Dr. Changela for over 4 years, and we are very happy with him.

Tina Nordin