Laser Dentistry

Precise and Painless Dental Treatments

Dentists today are using innovative techniques to treat any dental issue a patient may have. Laser dentistry is one of the most precise methods of performing dental treatments. It minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, less painful for the patient, and shortens recovery time.

The success of laser dentistry depends greatly on your dentist’s ability to manipulate and control the power output used during the procedure, as well as the duration in which the tissue is exposed to the laser.

Laser dentistry is a great dental option for patients who are anxious about painful dental procedures and are looking for safety and extreme comfort during dental surgery.

Experience comfort and safety

Many common dental problems such as cavities, endodontic treatments, and gum disease are able to be effectively treated through the use of lasers.  It provides an additional degree of comfort and safety, eschewing the need for cutting, stitching, or injections. It is also a painless procedure, thus enabling you to get back to your normal routine and healthy smile quickly.

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Major benefits associated with laser dentistry

  • The use of sutures and stitches is unnecessary
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues, compared to traditional techniques
  • Less pain, and faster recovery time
  • Anesthesia is unneeded for specific laser dentistry procedures
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections and bleeding
  • Can be used in hard tissue (tooth) and soft tissue (gum) procedures

Dental laser use in hard tissue (tooth) procedures

  • Cavity detector – easily detection of cavities by reading the by-products of tooth decay
  • Tooth preparation/dental fillings – there will be no need for local anesthesia and use of drill since bacteria in a cavity may already be killed by the lasers
  • Tooth sensitivity -seals tubules that make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold

Dental laser use in soft tissue (gum) procedures

  • Crown lengthening – for reshaping the gums and bone, thereby exposing the healthier tooth.
  • Muscle attachment – for treating speech impediments like being “tongue-tied” due to a tight or restricted frenulum which produces limited tongue movement. With these cases, a laser frenectomy is ideal
  • Gummy smile – exposes the healthy tooth structure by reshaping the gum tissue

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