Oral Hygiene

Keep your smiles healthy and bright

We all need healthy teeth to enable us to such simple tasks as eating and speaking properly. Good oral hygiene is pivotal in maintaining clean, healthy teeth. Routine tooth brushing, flossing, and scheduled visits to your dentist for a teeth cleaning are a must. These oral hygiene practices help to remove plaque and bacteria and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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How to keep your teeth clean and healthy:

  • Regular flossing: It is very important to maintain a regimen of regular flossing, particularly after meals.  Food and bacteria frequently collect between teeth where a toothbrush is less effective, yet flossing gets into tight areas to remove corrosive substances before they cause damage.
  • No smoking: Tobacco use (all types) is a leading cause of many serious dental diseases, particularly oral cancer.
  • Drink enough water: Water washes away food, bacteria, and prevents the mouth from becoming overly acidic.
  • Regular visits to your dentist: You should visit your Chino Hills dentist approximately every six months. This regular checkup helps identify problems before they become major.
  • Professional teeth cleaning:  In conjunction with the twice yearly dental visit, your teeth will receive a professional cleaning, supplementing preventative measures at home.
  • Balanced, healthy diet: A well balanced diet not only keeps your teeth healthy, but has a positive net effect on the body overall.  Avoiding high concentrations of sugar in your diet is best, but frequent brushing after eating sweets is also beneficial.

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Children and adults at high risk of dental decay may benefit from using additional fluoride products, including mouth rinses, pediatric dietary supplements (for children with inadequate access to fluoride from their drinking water), and gels and varnishes applied by a professional dental provider.

We use these products for this type of treatment:

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