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Some of the most sturdy and realistic dental restorations available to the patient are dental inlays and onlays. Once your mouth has been anesthetized, your tooth is prepared in much the same way as a routine filling.  Afterward, the necessary impressions are formed, and shipped off to a specialized dental lab. A temporary filling is usually required for the patient as a stand-in until fabrication of the restoration is received from the dental lab.  You can be fully confident that with proper care, your inlay or onlay will imbue a confident smile and boost your health for years to come.

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Dr. Changela is an excellent dentist. He explained very detail before any treatments. I have a lot of dental work done. He will not do unnecessary work just to get pay. The office is very clean, the wait time is very minimal. My husband and I have seen Dr. Changela for over 4 years, and we are very happy with him.

Tina Nordin